Titan Grove is organized as a B Corp and is committed to using business as a force for good. We have decades of direct control investment experience building large, enduring businesses.



Investment Criteria

  • Highly predictable revenue and cash flow
  • Capable of generating $2 to $25 million of sustainable operating profit with pre-tax margins in excess of 10%
  • Strong conversion of earnings into free cash flow
  • Long term opportunity to materially grow profitability
Titan Grove Investment Strategy


Titan Grove provides investment and guidance in the following asset classes.

Private Equity

Capital to grow, acquire, or recapitalize a business that operates in one of our focus areas.

Sustainable Real Estate

Capital to acquire buildings that can be enhanced through design improvements focused on energy savings and tenant wellness. Agricultural land that can be improved through sustainable farming techniques.

Impact-Driven Asset Management

Capital to grow, acquire, and start impact-driven asset management businesses.

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End markets with strong growth and social benefit.