Titan Grove is organized as a B Corp and is committed to using business as a force for good. We have decades of direct control investment experience building large, enduring businesses.


Jeffrety Tannenbaum, founder, Titan Grove

Jeffrey Tannenbaum


Jeffrey Tannenbaum is the founder of Titan Grove, a private holding company focused on building and owning mission-driven businesses that promote sustainable, healthy and just capitalism.

Mr. Tannenbaum founded Fir Tree Partners, a private global investment firm, in 1994. Prior to Fir Tree, Mr. Tannenbaum spent his career in the private equity industry at Kohlberg & Co, beginning as the analyst for Jerome Kohlberg, considered the founder of the private equity industry. Mr. Tannenbaum has served as Board Chairman of numerous public and private companies and founded and served as the Chairman of sPower LLC, which he helped build into our nation’s largest private solar utility.

Through the Fir Tree Philanthropies (“FTP”), Mr. Tannenbaum focuses on domestic job creation via accelerating America’s energy independence. FTP promotes job creation and sustainable capitalism through innovations in public policy, finance and entrepreneurship. Through FTP, Mr. Tannenbaum organized our nation’s first major bi-partisan symposium focused on eliminating foreign oil dependence. FTP hosted President Obama’s energy cabinet members for their 100 day planning retreat and operates a Scientist in Residence program. Mr. Tannenbaum also founded the not for profit PACENation.org which has helped develop a new form of financing for energy retrofits of homes and buildings. Mr. Tannenbaum is a lecturer at Cambridge University where he teaches a global investing class.

Mr. Tannenbaum received a JD-M.B.A. degree from NYU and graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Tulane University.  He also studied at the London School of Economics and did postgraduate work at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.